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Most laminated steels are suitable for either interior or exterior applications with the exception of some decorative laminates. Laminates can vary in thickness from 50 micron films right up to 1000 micron roof and gutter laminate for the most demanding exterior use.

Laminates, which are often referred to as skin-plate or vinyls, can be very versatile with plain colours or patterns, low gloss or high gloss and are also available as smooth finishes or 'grained' finishes. Special properties such as 'foodsafe' or anti microbial can also be introduced into these products by arrangement.



Laminates are used in a wide range of interior and exterior range of applications, from office partitions to foodsafe composite panels. Where a thick and durable patterned finish is required, Laminates are an obvious choice. Markets include cold storage and controlled environments, garage doors, ceiling tiles and other engineered goods.

  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Patterns available including 'woodgrain'
  • Embossed and durable finishes
  • High and low gloss available
  • Foodsafe laminates
  • Roofing membrane and gutter laminate options

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