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We feel we have a moral responsibility to both reduce our environmental impacts and to mitigate those impacts. On the ground, this means working with our local community, switching to renewable energies,  carbon offsetting, reusing wherever we can, recycling where we can’t and trying to shift all of our systems onto a sustainable footing.

To bring us closer to our goals of sustainable steel, we've outlined our sustainability strategy with five pillars:

  • Business Opportunity
  • Transparency & Reporting
  • Operational Sustainability
  • Policy Engagement & Market Development
  • Risk Management
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Business Opportunity

We ensure our long term partners share our passion for sustainability with mutual development goals. When we work together for a good cause, we can have a wider impact on the industry as a whole. seeking long term partnerships with mutual development goals.

Transparency & Reporting

We calculate the effects of our activities, verifying them with a third party and making them publicly available through our website and financial accounting. 


You can see the difference we’re making on Ecologi, a UN-certified organisation with verified tree planting schemes. 

Recent projects that we've contributed to include distributing cleaner cookstoves in Kenya and funding a wind power project in Thailand for renewable energy.

Operational Sustainability

We take time to plan for the future by exploring opportunities for employee development, renewable energy sources and organising a supply chain  in line with our goals.

Policy Engagement & Market Development

We’re a member of the IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment). We’ve adopted our own sustainability goals and work alongside our customers to help them reach their own goals too.

Risk Management

We keep an eye out and manage the risk of our operational activities in line with threats or movement in the marketplace. For example, we might notice that carbon miles are adding up so we’d shift more services to local providers.

Ensuring Appropriate Governance

we do things by the book
Our environmental impacts are assessed via ISO 14001.
Our carbon footprint will be assessed by one third party (Carbon Footprint) and verified by another (BSI).
We report on our environmental activities in our accounts and maintain transparency on our website.
Sustainability remains at the forefront of discussions at board level.

Powered by zero emission clean energy 24/7

Our 510kW solar array works in tandem with clean energy contracts

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