Benefits and Uses

Manufactured from thin gauge pre-finished steel Advantica® L Control provides exceptional rigidity at low weight compared to alternatives. For example, if used in a refrigerated trailer setting, the reduced weight of the vehicle panels can facilitate lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


When Advantica®  L Control is employed for internal and/or external sides of composite panels, it can offer increased thermal performance over alternatives. Through rigorous testing, a proven laminate adhesion system has been developed that ensures high strength for panel processing and a rigid structure for long service.

Designed to offer improved adhesion and create a superior bond, this ensures that insulated panels can cope with extremely demanding environmental factors and forces.



Advantica provides exceptional rigidity at a relatively low weight compared to other alternatives. 


Abrasion and corrosion resistance provides a longer-lasting and durable solution.


Provides excellent thermal efficiency and minimal permeability therefore reducing cooling costs.

Food safe

Accredited product for food safe compliance.

Easy to clean

Simple to clean and maintain, internally and externally


High-quality pre-finished steel gives a high-quality finish.


Fully REACH compliant and chrome free

Close up of multiple smaller coils of steel, displayed on a rack

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