‘Investment’ is a big word for us. It’s a big word for everybody – that’s a given – but the word is always on the tips of our tongues. In 2015 we brought our  Cardiff and Pontypool sites together in Wattsville, moving all of our processes under one large roof a quarter of a mile. long, consolidating 50 years of business and setting us up for many years to come. Since that point  we have continued to invest in our business and people even throughout the last few testing years, with capital investment in our plant – a solar array, 2 additional processing lines - and continued investment in staff.

We’ve built a staff gym and turned part of our site into a sustainability garden. We have partnered with a social enterprise to establish a network of bee hives in the Sirhowy valley and we even have a colony of our own. It is both witticism and truism to say that we have been - and remain to be - 'very busy bees'.

These are things that matter to us; business viability, drive, people and stewardship.

What we believe in

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For more than 50 years, Capital has represented the reliable source of coated steel and steel processing services. With vast experience in the industry, Capital has remained a dependable partner through turbulent times.

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We feel strongly that honesty is one of the most valuable traits in a supplier. We will advise honestly and openly about product, service and capability, giving our customers the confidence they need to service their markets reliably.

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We will always stand by our service, product and customers. Knowing that we the organisation operates ethically and reliably is a precursor to long business relationships.

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We are 100% behind our suppliers, product, customers and staff, working hard to ensure that this high level of consistent messaging and support results in high levels of customer satisfaction.

A Capital Coated Steel Timeline


Capital Coated Steel is the largest independent distributor and processor of pre-coated Steel in Europe. We have been at the forefront of steel pre-coat distribution for over 50 years.

Proud of our history, this is the abridged story of how we got here.

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August 1972

Company incorporation – Capital Trading (Coated Steel) Limited was set up in 1972 by John Hunt and Nick Williams, when the pre-coated steel industry was still in its infancy, mainly supplying the building envelope market in the guise of roofing and cladding.

November 1977

The company completed its move from Seawall Road to East Tyndall street. The factory was proudly opened by the Rt Hon. James Callaghan, the Prime Minister for the United Kingdom.

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February 1992

Business partners John Hunt & Nick Williams decided to dissolve the partnership and concentrate on separate specialisms within the business. John Hunt took forward Capital, Brunel and Macward; the upstream elements of their business interests.

May 1998

Capital Trading (Coated Steel) Limited formerly changed its name to Capital Coated Steel Limited.

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September 2015

The most notable investment in recent years took place in 2015, with almost four million pounds spent on the purchase and refurbishment of the former Tata Steel plant in Wattsville, South Wales. The company completed the consolidation of all group companies on one site and a 7- figure investment in the new slitting line by opening of the new Head Quarters in Wattsville by Rt Hon. Carwyn Jones AM First Minister of Wales.

This was acquired to create a new head office and a production base for all companies within the group under one roof, the relocation enabled all 110 employees including those at Brunel Steel Services (non-prime, pre-finished steels), Forall (decoiling and shearing services), Macward Steel Slitting Services and Odoni-Elwell (building and eco-cycle storage consultants) to work in a collaborative environment and take advantage of a more efficient and cutting edge plant with best in class meeting room facilities.

May 2019

John Hunt`s sons- Gary Hunt and Chris Hunt bought the business from their father and completed the MBO.

Capital Coated Steel upped turnover and reported a profitable year despite a background of market uncertainty.

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July 2021

Capital Coated Steel invested in 2 new lines during the height of the Covid pandemic period; a building products decoiling line and a cutting edge 32mm box profiler with automatic stacker, facilitating cut lengths of up to 18m.

February 2022

Capital installs a 170 Kw solar array, providing 35% of the company’s power through clean energy. The second phase of the clean energy project will be added by Sungift Solar in spring of 2023 adding a further 340 Kw array. This provides the possibility of 100% clean energy manufacturing during the summer months.

Capital Coated Steel HQ set against woodland, greyscale
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August 2022

A very proud moment for company employees, owners and stakeholders; our 50 th Anniversary.


We enjoy helping our customers with their own journeys and if there’s a development, project or initiative that you need some help with, we are always here.

So what does help look like?

Help takes many forms and we feel we're here to go the extra mile. As a consequence, we've undertaken all sorts of diverse projects for our customers.


Developing new finishes of material from concept of idea through to final steel production.


Establishing effective supply chain processes that straddle the fine line between lean manufacturing and holding 'just enough' stock as a buffer against the unforeseen.


Enhancing our processes to meet strict requirements of diverse industries. Examples include adapting the form of profiled steel and providing detailed data analysis for industries working to automotive style requirements.


Helping our customers achieve internationally recognised quality or environmental standards and sharing our knowledge about technology. 

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