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Capital offers a fast and efficient service to producers and consumers of wide and slit steel coil products across a range of finishes and metal types. 2015 saw the purchase and installation of new state of the art slitting facilities at our Wattsville plant, with assistance provided by Welsh Assembly Government. A £1m investment, the Red Bud Industries line offers speeds of up to 300 l/m per minute with input and output coil weights of 15tk. This investment supplements the existing Stamco 1500 and 400 lines. Slitting capabilities are identified below.


Slitting capabilities

15tk Maximum Input coil weight 

15tk Maximum Output coil weight

6mm Minimum slit width (maximum number of slits dictated by gauge) 

1570mm Maximum coil width

0.1mm min Gauge 

2.0mm max Gauge (width restrictions apply) 

305mm*, 406mm, 508mm and 610mm Produced Inside Diameters

*for coil widths under 400mm 


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