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This is the apprentice, that embraced the idea, took the waste product and turned it into a shelving unit for our bio-diversity garden. This is the apprentice that will pan out the space, organise the time and manage the project to conclusion. This is the apprentice that trains at the local college, develops under our tutelage and grows under our mentoring. Meet Thomas Edwards (Ted) who is part of our succession planning programme. We believe strongly that a technical person can only develop when given autonomy for risk free projects – such as management of our gym equipment, or in this case upcycling our old equipment – and access to supportive experienced managers.  

In 2021 Ted joined us as an apprentice engineer from Coleg Gwent aged just 19 and represents part of our long term planning and development process. Under our Engineering manager’s watchful eye, Ted’s role will ultimately cover both mechanical and electrical engineering with a continuous professional development (CPD) plan to achieve these aims. As with all industrial processes, there are elements of specificity which can only be experienced with on the job training and insight; something we strive continuously to do.  

Succession planning forms a key part of our sustainability process. We’ve been around for 50 years and intend to be around for 50 more.  

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