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Over the course of our long history, we have been careful to develop long term relationships with partners that offer great service, price and alignment. For domestic transport, we are fortunate enough to include Gerry Jones, Robins and K&D among this number (apologies for any of our partners left out!!) and we are pleased to say that we recently added another name into the mix; Owens Transport.


Many of you will recognise the familiar blue livery of the Owens group. Like Capital, Owens is a family-owned Welsh company who also (coincidentally!) enjoyed their 50th anniversary in August 2022. With a turnover of £130m, Owens operate across a wide network and offer a large fleet of 200 vans, 50 rigid trucks, 350 artic vehicles, 850+ trailers, operating out of 8 transport depots and 25 warehouses.


We were attracted to using Owens for a number of reasons. Firstly their core values chimed with us; ‘Trust, Accountability, Integrity, Dignity, Diversity, Engagement, Environment, Community and Service’. Equally, the far reach of their network and large fleet of vehicles added further heft to our existing service capabilities. Moreover, we were impressed with Owens’ strategies in the areas of sustainability and AI for load management. This includes investing in cleaner transport via Alternative Fuelled Vehicles (AVF’s), utilising Direct Vision systems to help protect vulnerable road users and vehicle telematics to improve drive-style (and reduce fuel). Plans like these dovetail nicely into our own sustainability and future tech agenda.


Successful organisations plan for success as part of their ongoing business activities. To learn more about how Capital is working with its supplier base or to find out more about Capital’s service provision and sustainability aims, please get in touch. 

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