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At the start of 2021, we took receipt of an impressive piece of kit; a Profilikeskus 32mm Trapezoidal roll former with an automatic stacker. For us, the addition of a further 32mm box profiler (32/2) was game changing, equipped with an automatic stacking unit the machine released the Operator to focus on quality critical checks and overall service delivery, maximising production. It was a bold investment; at the time the market was still buffeted by the headwinds of Covid and mired in UK wide disruption.


In its initial configuration, the 32/2 could produce sheets of up to 12m with relative ease (the production was the easier bit with manipulation around the factory a little more challenging, tackled through the development of a LOLER tested lifting beam). However, it was not long before the requirement to go even longer manifested itself. With a relatively small amount of investment, cross team collaboration and some engineering nous, our team created a rail and carryover system that balances space, production and health and safety considerations to facilitate lengths of up to 18m. It also gave us an excellent platform to train and develop our staff.


Pictured is Ellis Fowler, one of the new breed of Capital Operator. Ellis has been part of Capital’s operator pathway, spending time across processing centres, learning each intimately. Ellis now trains experienced production staff and trainees alike in the high speed production of trapezoidal 32mm/1000 sheets, including the precision positioning of the ridges, valleys and lapping edge for tailored requests. 


Client feedback indicates that any handling considerations are more than offset by the significant efficiency gains during installation. To date we have supplied premium products to this market, including Tata Colorcoat LG, Prisma and HPS Ultra.


If you have a profiled sheet requirement and would like to talk to a specialist, please contact Tim Farnham via the main Capital number; 01495 814000 or via email

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