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  • Tata Steel UK updates market leading Colorcoat® guarantees to incorporate PV module installations

Did you know that on the 1st October, Tata extended the PV addendum that covered the use of clips and fix photovoltaic (PV) modules? Previously it only applied to Colorcoat® branded products, but has now been extended to other Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products for sale in the UK.

This expansion of the addendum provides a significant advantage for the construction market. It now means that a large portion of the Tata Colorcoat® product portfolio, - especially roofing products - are now "PV ready," which is extremely beneficial for incorporating clip and fix photovoltaic modules into construction projects. As both an Accredited Tata Service Centre and as an extensive user of PV on our own roof (and familiar with the considerations as a consequence), this is very welcome news.
The addendum had been in place for almost a decade, providing a huge number of examples of buildings that use clip and fix PV modules. This means that the products have been real world tested  - and therefore out in the wild -  for quite some time. It is also a fine example of what the Colorcoat® team describe as ‘commitment to ensuring the quality and performance of our wide range of products that are now PV ready!’

Bravo the Colorcoat® team .We couldn't have put it better.

For more information relating to the PV addendum, please follow the link below. Capital is the only independent Accredited Tata Service Centre for Colorcoat® products in the UK.


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