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We are thrilled to share this; here is the tremendous art of Andy O’Rourke of art collective Marlarky Arts; in this instance a street art/mural created for us in our upcycling zone ( see our news story about "Recycling Our Timber Products") and representing our biodiversity garden.

All flora and fauna represented have appeared in that space.

The art is to celebrate the garden, brighten up our upcycling zone - an area where we keep previously loved items for reuse here or in the community - and for the enjoyment of staff and visitors.

The Art certainly helps with mental health, blue and green can create a calming atmosphere, orange and yellow can stimulate appetite, red and pink can inspire passion and energy, while purple can boost creativity and productivity. Looking at this wall brings joy - especially when the weather is not the kindest, however our biodiversity garden is flourishing even on the most horrendous drizzling days.

We’re proud of how we are turning thoughts into actions and taking our team with us on our sustainability journey. It is important for businesses and industry to play an active part in leading the way!

You can learn more of the work from Andy and the art collective of Malarky here: https://malarkyarts.co.uk/

Also huge thanks to the arts team at Caerphilly County Borough Council for the introduction.

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